Source: A registration form for Green Mobiles (

Because of the layout, the “Correct” button appears to be associated with the left column, and the “Incorrect” with the right. This is inadvertent.

The use of “Correct” is also somewhat confusing. It’s an unusual label, and it’s easy to interpret the purpose of the button as being to allow me to correct something that’s wrong – the opposite of its actual intent.

Mixed messages

A visually confusing label, which can be interpreted as being attached to the "hang up" or "mute" buttons.

Source: Skype.

The words “Microphone muted” are adjacent to the “mute” icon. However, the words are in a shaded area that is clearly connected with the “hang up” icon. The principles of proximity and closure compete.

When actively engaged (sorry) in a phone conversation, it’s easy to hang up inadvertently. At least, it was easy for me.

I believe Skype has now fixed this by a redesign that eliminates the conflict.